Multi-vehicle WAM-V ASV Security System

Multiple WAM-V ASVs can autonomously work together to provide a security perimeter around high value assets. WAM-V ASVs can coordinate to intercept suspicious vessels and provide valuable information before the threat gets anywhere near the protected asset.

Multi-domain Autonomous Marine System

The WAM-V ASV is the ideal platform for multi-domain (air, sea and subsea) marine autonomy. The inherent stability of the WAM-V platform increases operational efficiency by allowing the entire system to operate in higher sea states than would otherwise be possible. The portability of the WAM-V provides quick relocation of the entire system by air, sea or ground. The scalability of the WAM-V technology means that a common platform can be used across the organization for multiple missions with varying requirements.

High Value Asset Protection • Maritime Domain Awareness • Security Perimeter

MCM (Mine Counter Measures) • ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) • Border Security

WAM-V ASV Maritime Security Gallery