Navigation Surveys

WAM-V ASV stability produces excellent sonar data quality in all sea conditions. WAM-V ASVs can be used as force multipliers to existing manned assets or as the sole MBES deployment tool. WAM-V ASVs have been used to collect MBES data in mining pits, harbor channels, shipping channels and coastal fiber optic cable surveys.

Marine Infrastructure Surveys

WAM-V ASVs can be outfitted with various sonar solutions depending on requirements. Sensors can rigid mount on a retractable pole or a winch system can be utilized for towed arrays.

Berth Clearance Surveys

WAM-V ASVs can be used to conduct berth clearance surveys to identify any underwater obstacles or hazards. WAM-V ASVs can be quickly and easily launched from land at the site without need for transit from a distant location.

Dredging Survey.JPG

Dredging Survey

WAM-V ASVs are ideal platforms for pre, post or in process dredging surveys. WAM-V ASV can be launched from the dredge itself or from a nearby point on land. This can be especially beneficial when a survey is required quickly.

Mining Pit Survey

WAM-V ASV is perfectly suited for mining pit surveys. WAM-V ASV has the capacity to carry the sensor you need for the job, the endurance to get the job done and the portability to get in to the job site even when there isn’t a “suitable” launch site.

Hansen Mining Pit Survey.JPG


"The stability of the WAM-V's sensor platform really makes for excellent multibeam survey data; clean with no motion residual. Impressive."  

- James Coleman, Owner, Sand Point Hydrographic, LLC

"The WAMV has proven to be an effective tool for several eTrac nearshore multibeam survey projects. Marine Advanced Robotics continues to improve and innovate the WAM-V product and its latest iteration as the 20' hydrographic survey version has dramatically extended survey endurance and speed, added remote sensor deploy/recover functionality and created truly capable line-following autonomy. 

The unique Wave Adaptive design performs even better in this latest, larger iteration of the already successful 16' model. It provides a blend of stability that we have not seen from a craft this size. The ease and flexibility of deployment of the vessel is helped by its combination of light weight, high transit speed and remarkable ability to absorb wave energy to keep the critical survey sensor systems stable in challenging sea states."

- Mike Mueller, CEO, eTrac

WAM-V ASV Marine Survey Gallery